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Do you want more customers to find your business?  Of course, you do! Let’s look how SEO helps to drive customers to your door. I purposely used the word “drive” because new customers are likely to drive to find your business location.

Search Engine Optimization has changed and keeps changing. Some experts even claim that keywords no longer matter, just focus on content quality. Not so fast, please!

What is local SEO?

Website page optimization does matter. Let’s illustrate this by looking at local SEO.

Local SEO is all about helping people find out what you do and where you are located.​

The “local store” is no longer the pillar it used to be. People are prepared to travel further to find the best deal for what they need. Local newspapers, trade directories, and local knowledge are fading in importance. Today, it’s the ubiquitous smartphone that guides people.

What is search intent?

Search engines use machine language to analyze and interpret what information people are looking for when they enter a search query into the search bar of a search engine. This is their search intent. The SEs then use their interpretation to show the most relevant pages in their search listing.

Google has defined for different search intents they call  micro-moments that guide us in the choice of keywords to use:

  • I want to know
  • I want to go
  • I want to do
  • I want to buy

A real-world example is the easiest way to illustrate how local SEO aids this process.

How local SEO works

Let’s assume that you sell and service washing machines from a location in the Chelsea area of London.

Somebody enters the following query into a search engine, say Google: “Best discounts for washing machines in the Chelsea?”

Google interprets “best discounts” as a buy intent and “the Chelsea area of London” as a “to know or where to go” request.

If you want your website listed in response to this query, you need to have the following keywords or related phrases in prominent parts of your webpage. These are the title, main heading, and the meta description.

  • Washing machine sales and service
  • Street address where in Chelsea your business is located
  • Contact details and a map.

Issues beyond local SEO

Beyond identifying who, what, and where you are, there are several additional SEO issues, not explained in this brief article.

The principal issues include:

  • Focus your content on quality, not quantity.
  • Optimize your content for mobile devices.
  • Gain inbound links from authority sites.
  • Pay attention to your site loading speed.

To reach a wider audience for business growth, also pay attention to your social media presence, content distribution and promotion.

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