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Martin Crumlish, Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, Ireland
I have hired Alex several times for writing work. Every time he delivered more than was expected with factual, accurate and well-written material. He is thorough, self-driven and can go and research any topic I have asked for then produce the goods. Highly recommended.

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Gary Eckert, Founder, Medical Supplies Business, Canada
I hired Alex to write new content for a website selling medical test kits and to modify and better optimize content on two existing sites. I can thoroughly recommend his services to anybody looking ofr well written, original content. The upgrades improved my site rankings because page headings became relevant and the content structured and easy to read. Alex communicates well and the work produced was of a very high standard.

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Pierre Mossinger, Data Scientist, University of Geneva
I contracted Alex to produce web content for my real estate site. As there is much competition in this area, it is crucial to produce fresh high quality content. Alex understands the parlance and the context-critical information that readers will take seriously and be interested in. He is also able to produce insightful, thought-provoking content to draw in readers and encourage discussion. Further, Alex also knows all the nuts and bolts of social media marketing. Very helpful indeed.

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Matthew Carpenter, Owner SEO Agency, Melbourne.
I had Alex write 10 blog posts for my company & I’m extremely impressed with his work. I trust his content so much I’m willing to put it in front of my massive audience without any sort of proofreading – that should tell you something! 10/10.


Reviews from eBooks Published

Books Published

  • Facebook Advertising: “Strategies, Tactics, Tools & Tracking.” Available here.
  • Facebook Privacy: “How To Customize Facebook Privacy Settings.” Available here.

Review Comments

  • “This is in my opinion, the best guide to Facebook Marketing I have seen. It is clear, joined up, and easy to understand…This is an unbelievable help” – T McNally
  • “Alex is an expert in marketing, and this book is a necessary tool for your Media Campaign if you want to succeed.” – John
  • “Liked this book a lot. It’s practical and immediately actionable. It gives the reader enough theory to emphasize important concepts. Good real life examples” – JenTim
  • “He provides step-by-step instructions to make Facebook “your” Facebook. Loved it! I’m on my way to read his other social media guides.” – Solo
  • “This book is a must read for any serious entrepreneur desiring to maximize the online experience.” – Elinor Stutz
  • “I must admit bits of it were a little over my head because of the remarkable technical knowledge of the writer, but I did learn many things. Alex is an expert in marketing.” – Richard
  • “The author does a great job of explaining the reasons WHY things work, not only just HOW they work. Great book, with photos to accent the text. Highly recommended.” – E. Michael
  • “My Facebook page went from 75 Likes to 300 thanks to the advice in this book. Very educational, good source even if you don’t have a degree in marketing.” – Gregory Smith
  • “This book is a good replacement for Facebook’s own help pages in this area, providing clear and detailed information on Edgerank and the use of Ads Manager and Power Editor.” – M.E. Romana

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