Create Content to Showcase Your Business

Give Buyers What They Want

B2B marketers and sales people need to reach prospective buyers, attract them into their sales funnel, and convert them into buying customers. The LinkedIn marketing survey of 6,000 businesses in 7 different countries, shown on my Home Page, tells you what buyers want.

They want news about issues that affect their business, thought leadership that help to keep them competitive, product information, case studies, and product demos. It is content at the upper level of your sales funnel. Conversions are a byproduct of relationship building and content that offers value.

Client Reach and Conversion

Let’s identify problems and challenges in today’s crowded marketplace.

  • Information overload has caused people’s attention span in looking for online information to fall dramatically.
  • The response rate to direct-response advertising has fallen to a level of one percent.
  • Purchase decision are based on benefits but are always supported by features, product information, testimonials, case studies, or research studies.
  • The challenge is to identify a problem, solve the problem, and paint a picture in which buyers, and their supporting team, see their company in an improved situation.
  • Content must be unique. It must offer value and not rehash existing information.
  • Web content must grab immediate attention. You have about 4-5 second to trigger their interest. If the headline does not raise interest and curiosity, people simply swipe past your content.
  • Content must have a compelling headline and an introduction that motivates the visitor to keep reading. It’s all a matter of the proverbial question: “What’s in this for me?”
  • Marketers need to follow up and promote their content on social media channels.

Finally, are you satisfied with your social media presence? Have you embraced the concept of “converged media”? It’s a powerful sales strategy I can implement for you. See my “The Power of Converged Media“.

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