B2B Call Script

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Script précis

This script is more suitable to B2B marketing.

[The script must not be read parrot fashion; it would turn the call recipient right off. Sound natural and insert a few “ums and ahs” here and there].

It is also unlikely that the caller will get through the entire scripts. Note the breaks where it’s necessary to seek agreement to continue.  You can use the final paragraph to terminate the conversation at any time.

A call scripts should ideally be stored in a company’s CRM system equipped with Merge Fields for automatic insertion of names, and a Disposition function for recording call outcomes and follow-up actions.

Initial B2B Call Script

Hello, Mr/Mrs [name]. My name is [name]. I’m calling on behalf of [company name] at [location]. We are an established credit finance supplier with 23 years of industry experience.

May I take a few minutes of your time and tell you how you can offer consumer finance packages that will help grow your business? In fact, they can grow your annual income by as much as 20 – 50%, starting today.

May I ask Mr/Mrs [name], do you offer finance for your customers?


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[If no, jump to Benefits Section]

[If yes], continue…


Tell me, Mr/Mrs [name], are your current finance offers working for you? Are you satisfied with the features and the flexibility you finance package provides?

How about your customer acceptance? Do you get many declines?

Are you able to offer Prime loan only, or can you also offer Sub-Prime loans?

Does your finance company offer more than one credit alternative? For example, do they cater for credit challenged clients?

Do you mind telling me what finance company you partner with and allow me to compare the benefits we could offer you? Our finance offers may well offer substantial benefits for your business.


[Continue if prospect is agreeable. If not, ask permission to send information by email]

To start, the finance packages we offer are risk-free for your business. They are innovative and sets out company, [company name], apart from the competition.

.We have clients who have stated in writing that our application process is the easiest and most user friendly they have come across.

Our finance offers come with some real benefits, both for your business and for your customers.   Unlike many finance groups, we offer both Prime and Sub-Prime loans to your customers.

[Again, make sure prospect wants to continue with conversation]

Let me briefly outline the major benefits we can offer, Mr/Mrs [name].

We offer a customer pre-qualification process that is paperless and can be completed in seconds using a mobile phone.

You can track both applications and sales on our online dashboard.

We appoint a dedicated Account Manager for you who will start by giving you a free marketing kit.

Our system integrates with your current website, and we would configure this for you.

Does this sound like something that would interest you, Mr/Mrs [name]? Well, our benefits we offer go further.

There are NO set-up or monthly fees.

We’d process your application over the phone. A few days later, we install your finance application and you are ready to go.

With our website integration, you would receive timely notifications to monitor and follow-up with site visitors.

We would even help you to integrate your current finance package so that everything looks and feels seam-less and easy to use for you.

And, to make everything complete and painless for you, we supply training and marketing support.

Our customer service and support is first-class.

Finally, remember that our solution for growing your business with innovative credit finance is risk-free for you.


The rates vary but, in most cases, they are lower than credit cards.


Mr/Mrs [name], how about we send our local representative to meet with you at a convenient time? Would tomorrow or the next day suit you?

If client declines or sounds hesitant…

Well ________ Can I send you some information in case you consider it later.  We often find clients call us later when someone walks away due to price or affordability of finance.

Would that be ok?