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My name is Alex Beckis. I am a native “Aussie” with 20 years of experience as as writer, published author, professional blogger and instructional designer.

How SEO Content Writing Grows Your Business


Every company has a story to tell about their business or industry. To be effective, it has to be told correctly:

– It has to reach the right audience.
– It has to raise instantaneous interest and curiosity.
– The content must offer some value by being unique and relevant to readers’ needs and interests.
– It has to be optimised for visitors’ search intent – It must not be a rehash of already existing content.

In addition:

  • To reach a wider audience, the content must be promoted and shared on social media channels.
  • The content must be readable on mobile devices. Check your site with the Google Mobile-Friendly test.

What I Can Do for You As a Copywriter


I can make your content visible in search engines so that you attract traffic and visitors. SEO is no longer a simple matter. Google and others use machine language to rank content on the basis of relevance to a user’s search intent. To rank, content creators need to research and define how content is best optimised.

Unless you have dedicated marketing personnel, you are unlikely to have the time, skills, and inclination to combine these requirements into an effective content marketing strategy.

Use my services to:

  • Write unique content for your website, all relevant to your market and business.
  • Write and optimize content that attracts traffic and prospective clients.
  • Save you time, boost your search rankings, and update your blog with new, engaging and search-engine-optimised content.
  • Submit your content to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. These would be summaries with links back to your website.
  • Quickly grow your email newsletter by writing an eBook or white paper as an incentive for people to give you their email address.


How to Contact Me

imagesEmail me at alex@freelancescribe.net
Call me on Skype using my User Id alex_backlund.


My work is always 100% unique, delivered on time and affordable. In addition, I am reliable and communicative.

My expertise is information technology, marketing, social media and online advertising. I have published five books on social media marketing.

Click this link, 110 Steps to Effective Content Marketing to discover the comprehensive quality process we follow.