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Do You Need Persuasive Copywriting to Increase Sales?

How effective is your content strategy? Do you need B2B web copy that generates interest, attention, and engagement – sales copy that converts.

Buyer Content Preferences

A major survey conducted by LinkedIn Marketing solutions – 6,000 companies in 7 countries – underscores the following findings in what they term “Rethink the Buyer’s Journey”.

B2B buyers want:

  • More knowledge about issues that are transforming their business.
  • Thought leadership and education that will keep them competitive.
  • Case studies that illustrate solution-based strategies.
  • Authentic and helpful knowledge including product information, case studies, and product demos.
  • Engagement on social media, a channel buyers use throughout the entire purchase process.


 Best Practices in B2B Content Writing

Large B2B enterprises demand high standards for content writing. They need more than writing skills, SEO skills, or presentation skills – they need writers who are industry experts; writers who can present you as a thought leader. Their content writers must deliver more value than their competitors.

Best practices in content writing at the high end of content marketing.

  • Research, study, and document current trends and challenges in a specific market or industry.
  • Identify the thought leaders and influencers in a specific market and study what they write about – the “big issues”.
  • Figure out how to present and explain critical issues better, from a different perspective, or in a different context.
  • Deliver more value than what is currently available online.
  • Identify the target audience in a specific market – what they need, search for, or ask from their suppliers.


Effective and Sales Oriented B2B Copywriting

My name is Alex Beckis, I work as a B2B  Web copywriter.  My expertise is Information Technology, comms industry including Contact Center operation and technology, online marketing, and advertising.

My work experience includes 20 years of technical and marketing management in the computer industry.

I spent ten years as a corporate writer followed by another ten years as a freelance writer, blogger, and instructional designer. I have written and published five ebooks on social media marketing. My About Me page shows my recent assignments and the wide variety of technical, commercial, and industrial topics I have written about.

I am a native “Aussie”. For family and personal reasons, I currently live in Thailand and work for clients in Australia, UK and USA.

My work is always 100% original, delivered on time and affordable. In addition, I am reliable and communicative.

I have worked as an Information Technology and marketing freelance writer for companies like Nokia, Ericsson, IBM, Multisoft Corp., Card Systems, Inc., Honeywell, Stanilite Electronics, Contacted, Digital Monopoly, and half a dozen marketing and SEO agencies.

My preference is to work directly with clients who need professional copywriting to improve sales, web copy to engage with their customer base, web and social media content to attract new customers into their sales funnel.

This is What I Can Do for You

  • Research and write content for industry trends and developments.
  • Write product information and case studies that highlight your competitive edge.
  • Write persuasive sales copy that converts prospects into buying customers.
  • Write autoresponder emails for lead generation and sales conversion.
  • Write telephone campaign call scripts, video scripts, and webinar scripts.
  • Write website content, blog posts, and social media posts.
  • Create and write marketing information such as sales pages, case studies, newsletters, reports, and eBooks.
  • Optimize your website home page for customer engagement.
  • Build your social media presence.
  • Save you time, boost your search engine rankings, and generate more leads by updating your blog with new, engaging and search-engine-optimised content.

I will give you relevant copy to attract prospects into your sales funnel. I can promote this copy on social media where you can engage with prospective customers.

I can help you with lead nurturing and essential top funnel activities. For this, you need useful content, emails, call scripts, and social media posts.


Email me at
Call me on WhatsUp or line +66655077717
Connect with me on LinkedIn.
Call me on Skype using my User Id alex_backlund.